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Review bluetooth headset Plantronics M2500

September 2nd, 2004 · Source · No Comments

Plantronics M2500. Live pictures

Standard kit:

  • headset
  • charger
  • additional rubber cover
  • manual

Not long time ago Platronics has represented a new Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. Its appearance has changed considerably if compared to other products by the company such as M1000 and M3000.

Thanks to a flexible construction of the fixing mechanism the headset is easy to put on. And no discomfort is felt if wearing it for too long. The weight is 23 grams. And it is one of the lightest devices by this feature, others are a bit heavier.

It is possible to wear it on the right or on the left side. Turning a rubber cover of the loud speaker is enough for that.

It is easy and instinctively clear how to control it.

A button for answering a call is on the microphone lead, it also serves for voice dialing and calling the last dialled number. It is placed in that way that there is no need to feel about it and is enough to press a bulge of the microphone with two fingers.

The work of voice dialling was tested on such devices as SonyEricsson T610, Z600 and Siemens S55. Voice tags were recognized without problems. It is necessary to note that when attaching the headset no any troubles were noticed. Phones do find the headset quickly and synchronization doesn not rouses any difficulties.

The second key is placed that way that when wearing the headset it is just behind your ear. The key may be placed in three positions, it is necessary to turn the headset on and off, in the talk mode it is used for turning off the microphone and volume level adjustment.

A light indicator showing the condition of the headset is on the back side. And the battery charge may be also checked with its help.

A nonremovable Ni-MH battery is used in M2500. According to the manufacturer the headset works for up to 5 hours in the talk mode and up to 120 minutes in the standby mode. In fact the headset worked for 2 days in case of about 60 minutes of talk time a day. Full charging time is about 1.5 hours. A charger connector is on the bottom of the headset.

As for its working capabilities the headset has shown very good results. In a test room we lowered the volume to the minimum and still heard the interlocutor well enough, we didn’t have to strain our ears to hear him. In the street we had to set the maximum volume level and nevertheless the noise from passing-by cars didn’t prevent from hearing the interlocutor. Probably it is so due to the rubber cover of the loud speaker that is set very close to the ear.

But the one on the other end of the line sometimes asked to repeat the words once again because the surrounding noise was picked up by the omnidirectional microphone of the headset. Let us repeat that it happened only in a noisy street with a heavy traffic and no similar problems appeared in the room.

The announced working distance is up to 10 meters. However the reliable connection depends much on the device being used. For instance, it was possible to go away from SonyEricsson T610 for about 7 meters and with Siemens S55 the distance was about 15 meters.

The approximate price for the device will be about $80 and model M3000 being sold now costs about $100. However we think that using M2500 is more comfortable. Even when wearing it for a long time no discomfort is felt. It is connected with another way of fixing the headset and form-factor. Also one shouldn’t forget about a less weight - 23 grams against 30 grams in M3000. It seems that the company treated the new product more thoroughly. By some features M2500 looks more attractive than M3000.

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