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Zune hack lets you use iTunes

January 22nd, 2008 · Source [PMP Today] · 1 Comment

Zune hack lets you use iTunes

If you’re already using a Zune, you’re obviously using the Zune software and probably have no need for iTunes or other programs. But if, for some reason, you feel the need to use iTunes, or if you just want the freedom to choose what software to use - then you’re going to like this one. There’s a hack called zAlternator that lets your Zune work with iTunes and programs like Windows Media Player, Winamp, and Mediamonkey. Save for iTunes, all of the programs have been tested by the guys at the Zune forums and seem to be working well.

Before you try to sync your Zune to another program, you’ll need to manually unlock it first. Here’s how you do it, courtesy of our source:

1. Start up the Zune program
2. Get media and start a sync to your Zune
3. When your Zune is displaying the “synconizing” screen, end the Zune process through Windows Task Manager
4. Fire up zAlternator and set Zune to use a different program

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